Aspire Twin Buggy

+ Solo accessory seat (Triple Stroller)

  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co.
  • Triple buggy by Adventure Buggy Co.
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co.
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co. with reclining seat
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co. Front view
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co. Side view
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co. Rain cover
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co.Sun mesh
  • Triple Stroller by Adventure Buggy Co. Rear view rain cover
  • Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo accessory seat (Triple Stroller)
  • Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo accessory seat (Triple Stroller)
  • Aspire Twin Buggy + Solo accessory seat (Triple Stroller)
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The Adventure Buggy Co. triple buggy is one of the very few custom-designed strollers for triplets and offers a number of unique advantages, because it grows with your family.

Simply start with the Aspire double buggy; add the solo upper accessory seat – and you have a pram for three children. Yet it’s narrower than buggies that seat three children side by side, and each seat is suitable for either a newborn or a toddler.


  • Convert the Aspire buggy into a triplet buggy by adding the solo upper accessory seat.
  • Thinking of having another baby in the future? You can still use the Aspire buggy; simply replace the solo upper accessory seat with the duolo upper accessory seat and you have a quad buggy at minimal additional cost.
  • This stroller for 3 babies has seats that lie flat or recline independently of each other, so it is ideal for newborns as well as toddlers.
  • The triple stroller is constructed from tubular steel: it is tough and durable and will last the distance.


You’ll receive the following as standard:

  • Aspire twin buggy.
  • Solo: upper accessory seat for one child.
  • Adapter bar: to fit the solo upper accessory seat onto the Aspire twin buggy.
  • Sun mesh: for added sun protection.
  • Rain cover: as well as a foldable canopy constructed from a marine-grade, heavy-duty material, there’s a heavy-duty clear plastic cover.
  • Leg warmer and snug window: The leg warmer and snug window is easily attached to your Aspire Adventure Buggy Co. pram to keep your child warm and snug while still being able to see through the snug window. The snug window easily zips on and off the canopy. Made from a durable water-resistant canvas-like material with a tough clear plastic window.
  • Storage bag: an appropriately large bag for all the nappies, toys, or your shopping you may need for your brood. The storage bag is zipped for security and privacy, and it’s also waterproof. It detaches easily from the bottom of the Aspire buggy.


Optional extras:

  • Duolo (top double reclining newborn/toddler seat), including sun mesh and storm cover.
  • Baby mattress pram liner with head support. We recommend this accessory is used for infants aged 0-6mths to provide suitable head support in the buggy seat. 
  • Drinks holder.
  • Sleeping bag.


See more information on accessories

The triplet stroller from Adventure Buggy Co.:

  • Can be used as a double buggy by removing the extension bar and upper accessory seat.
  • May be converted into a quad buggy simply by removing the solo accessory seat, and adding the Duolo accessory seat. This makes the Aspire unique to other prams for triplets.
  • Features seats that recline independently of each other, making each seat suitable for newborns through to toddlers.
  • Is hand-constructed from tough tubular steel to keep your children safe, and to provide product durability.
  • Travels on four wheels, all designed for maximum manoeuvrability. The front wheels swivel or can be locked; there is a simple spring-release button to get them moving again.
  • Fits through standard sized doorways.
  • Has an adjustable handlebar to make it easy for you to push.
  • Can be collapsed in one simple action, and when assembling it locks automatically into the upright position.
  • Folds flat for easy transportation and storage of the pushchair for triplets.
  • Keeps your child safe with the five-point safety harness.
  • Provides additional security with the padded front safety bar. Not only does this keep your child secure, but it also provides growing infants with a handhold that helps them sit upright.
  • Comes with a sun mesh that provides added sun protection.
  • Also comes with a heavy-duty rain cover.
  • Has a large zipped waterproof storage bag that easily detaches from the twin stroller.

See more details of the features of the Aspire range.


Maximum child weight for Aspire twin buggy seats: 20kg (44 pounds) per seat.

Maximum child weight for solo (top single reclining newborn/toddler seat): 18kg (39.6 pounds) per seat. (This item is sold separately as an accessory)


    • Folded Length: 110cm (43.3 inches) without front wheels; or 130cm (51.2 inches) with the front wheels on.
    • Folded Height (folded flat height): approx. 25cm (9.8 inches)
    • Width: 75cm wide (29.5 inches)
    • Weight: 15kg (just over 33 pounds).

    Aspire + Solo seat unfolded

    • Length: 86cm (33.8 inches) - from front wheel to back wheel on the ground
    • Height: 145cm (57 inches) - from ground to top of Duolo seat canopy
    • Width: 75cm (29.5 inches) - widest point across buggy 
    • Width of Solo seat: 49cm (19.2 inches)

    Solo accessory seat

    • Length: 76cm (29.9 inches)
    • Height: 110cm (43.3 inches)
    • Width: 50cm (19.7 inches)
    • Weight: 4kg (8.8 pounds)

    Aspire Twin Buggy + solo accessory seat Manual