Technical Safety

The Aspire all terrain double stroller is tested to the highest applicable standards (AS/NZS 2088:2000), so you can be sure you’re investing in your child’s safety.

Conformity with these specifications means that your Aspire buggy has an advanced braking system, it has two mechanisms to secure the frame against inadvertent folding, children are restrained with a five point safety harness, there are no sharp edges or open tubing and detachable parts can be fastened securely.  Fabrics and fittings fit properly and do not contain openings or compartments that a baby can get caught in.

Comfort and Safety for newborns to toddlers

At Adventure Buggy Co. we think very hard about your children’s comfort and well-being.

All seats – including the solo and Duolo upper seat accessories – are suitable for newborns as well as toddlers as each seat independently of each other can be used either recline from lay flat to up-right.

The seats for are designed to provide excellent posture support, perfect for caring and protecting your infants’ softer bone structure.  We also supply a fitted mattress liner for each seat with removable head support, suitable for newborns.

Protection and complete care of your charge

We have thought about everything to protect your family while you’re out and about, with sun and rain covers all included with the Adventure Buggy Co. Aspire and solo and Duolo accessory seat packages.  We have also designed an extra-large canopy to provide additional sun protection for your children during the summer months.

Stability and Maneuverable Safety

Four wheels are more maneuverable than three wheels, plus they provide additional and improved stability.  The wheels can be used in swivel and lock mode to allow you to maneuver over all types of terrain:   When you’re out and about, you’ll notice that life isn’t all smooth sidewalks.

That’s why we built the Aspire all-terrain stroller to help you navigate ramps, bumps, stony surfaces and grass with ease.


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