So you have just discovered you are pregnant!

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This is a very exciting and anxious moment for most of us, although if you are an expecting mum that has just been told that you are having Twins, or Triplets (!) or even Quadruplets then this list of top 5 Mummy Bloggers will help you through!

It’s a whole new world and there is plenty to learn now! Multi tasking skills being top of the list.

But the up side is that you will discover you are not alone and that there is a wonderful community (online and real-life) that will help you through the highs and lows of your pregnancy and beyond.

Here is our Top 5 list, in no particular order…we love them all equally ;)

  1. - Ami Bunch is actually top of the list as she did win the top 25 Moms of Muliptles 2013 as well as 2011 and 2012. 
  2. - Emma White may not be a multiple mum but she does have 6 children! Her blog is very brave and talks about all things from depression to healthy eating and skin care too.
  3. - Shann’s blog is very honest. She is a mum to twins + toddler and all boys.
  4. - One of my personal favourites – her posts are fun and real. Oh and she uses an Adventure Buggy Triple! Follow her on Facebookand Instagram too.
  5. - 8 years of infertility and then blessed with the miracle of Quads. This blog is just beautiful and their story gives hope to those that may be going through IVF.

So grab a herbal tea, put your feet up and enjoy some reading (me) time. - Free online resource that has loads of information for Mums and Dads with Multiples.

So you have just discovered you are pregnant!